Enjoy nature – with rentals

Rent a motorboat

At Nestorinranta, you can rent a slow or fast boat for fishing or camping. Fast boats are rented only to experienced boat drivers who also know how to navigate.

Order a watertaxi

Depending on the situation, an open or cabin boat is available.

Both can accommodate 5 passengers. Additionally, 4 bicycles can be taken onboard.

For the route from Lintusalo (Nestorinranta) to Hurissalo (Kivisalmi), we offer a discount to cyclists staying at Nestorinranta.

For more information and to book, please see.

Rent a canoe

The three-person Old Town Saranac canoe is a sturdy canoe for even longer trips.
The canoe rent includes a bail as well as a paddle and a boating vest for each person.

Rent a kayak

Our Rainbow Oasis 4.30 Exp. kayaks are single-person kayaks that are suitable for both beginners and more experienced paddlers.
The kayak rent includes a paddle and a boating west.

Rent a stand up paddle board

You can rent 4 SUP boards from Nestorinranta. Our SUP boards are FitNord Aqua 300 and they are suitable for beginners as well as those with a little more experience.
The rent includes a boating vest, a paddle and a leash.

Rent a bike

At Nestorinranta, you can rent an electric bike, a mountain bike or a 7-speed Nopsa bike. There are 7 bikes in total, so if you need bikes for a larger group, we recommend asking from Saimaa Bikes in Puumala.

Rent snowshoes

A snowshoe is a great aid for nature walks in winter. You don’t need to make a path, you can go wherever you want. You can rent snowshoes with poles at Nestorinranta. For those accommodating in Nestorinranta we offer snowshoes free of charge.

Rent Nordic sticks

Nordic sticks help you make your walking more efficient and get good exercise for your arms as well. Our sticks have an easy adjustment mechanism so you can adjust them to just the right height.

Rent fishing equipment

Rent spinning rods, lures and hand nets for spinning and trolling, as well as fishing rods and jigs. There are also seal-safe fish-traps available.

Rent a sauna

A spacious beach sauna in the beautiful scenery of Saimaa with an outdoor jacuzzi can be booked all year round for 1.5 hours or longer. Ice swimming is also possible in winter. For your sauna evening you can also book a hut that can accommodate 20 people.