Food all year round

At Nestorinranta, you can get breakfasts, dinners – and cakes all year round, as long as you book them well in advance.

In summer, there is a popular pancake bar on the beach, where you can get crepes with salty and sweet fillings. Both the pancake bar and the main building sell coffee, tea, refreshments, ice cream, alcohol etc.

Nestorinranta food services

Lintusalontie 1661 A, Lintusalo, Puumala

Tel.+358 40 510 6208,

Open 01.05. – 30.09.2023

  • Breakfasts 8 – 10 a.m. – book in advance
  • Suppers 6 – 8 p.m. – book in advance

At other times

  • A cottage breakfast for those who are accommodating at Nestorinranta – book at least 5 days in advance. The breakfast is brought to your cottage or room.

All year round

  • “Kota” dinner, made in the kota hut on the beach by order – book at last 5 days before
  • Cakes – book at least 5 days in advance

During summer the reception is working in the main building most of the time. At that time you can buy refreshments, ice cream, beer, cider, gin long drinks, wine and souvenirs.


Nestori’s pancake bar

  • Open daily 10.30 – 17 during the summer
  • Tel. +358 46 9064105,
  • Lintusalontie 1661 B, on the west shore of the northern part of Lintusalo
  • Located next to the pier used by the Norppa II and Rasti bike ferries in Lintusalo Rapeikko
  • 61º, 25,8’, 28º, 00,1’.
  • Eight berths
  • Seven parking spaces. Charge for parking longer than 2 hours unless otherwise agreed
  • Sweet and savoury pancakes
  • Coffee, tea, refreshments
  • Licensed to serve strong alcohol
  • Ice cream
  • Also take away


The pancake bar and barn café are busiest about one hour before the bike ferry departs and about half an hour after it arrives.

Book a breakfast


Book a dinner

At Nestorinranta, you can enjoy a dinner in the main building (May 1-September 30) or a “Kota” dinner in a comfortable log tipi-like hut all year round.

Dinner must be booked in advance. In summer, the booking period is shorter, in other seasons it is longer.

Order a cake or a packed lunch

Order a cake to take home. You can also order a packed lunch for your trip.

We prepare our popular cakes in our kitchen, such as orange cheesecake, blackcurrant cheesecake, chocolate zucchini cake and red velvet cake.

In the summer, we also make berry and apple pies, depending on what we find in the forest and in our garden.


We prepare almost all our food ourselves. There are two exceptions: Riitta lost the rye bread starter when she was a young girl and she went to wash her mother-in-law’s dough tin. Tiina Laamanen from Juva makes such delicious Karelian pasties that we buy them from her as raw frozen products.

We get most of the ingredients from our vegetable and berry gardens, the forest, the lake and the henhouse (quail eggs). Many of the recipes were developed in-house, passed down through the generations or picked up from people who do things much better, such as the Wolkoff restaurant in Lappeenranta.


  • We also offer gluten-free and vegan alternatives
  • Nestori’s burgers
  • Nestori and Maija’s hot sandwiches
  • Hearty salads
  • Speciality coffees
  • Meals for groups by reservation

The main building is a former barn

Nestorinranta main building operates out of an old stone barn with natural stone walls 120 cm thick, which have stood strong all these years. The barn was completed in 1953, and it took 2 years to build the walls. The builders did not have to go far to find stones. In this part of Savo, the ground is full of stones of all sizes.

At the most, the barn housed 3 cows, a pig, and a few sheep and chickens. The last cow was sent to slaughter in 1982. The building was converted into a café in 2014. From 2023 there are served only breakfasts, dinners, coffee, tea, refreshment, ice cream and alcohol drinks.