Nestorinranta offers accommodation around the year

Holiday cottages

Fishing hut

Villa Hauki is a year-round rental cottage, which is ideal for fishing folk, in particular. It is next to Nestorinranta marina, which provides all services required for fishing, and the surrounding area boasts excellent places to catch pike, perch and pike-perch.


There has been a village shop in Lintusalo island over 20 years ago. The shopkeeper lived in the building, and the actual shop located in the other end of the building. The Shopkeeper’s shore is available year-round. The builing is located on the sheltered east shore of the island. The old beacons guiding to the shop can be still seen.

Nestori's Cabin

Starting from the 1980s, Nestori’s Cabin used to be the owner of the family’s summer cottage, which included a sauna and outbuilding for accommodation. The cabin got its name from the fact that, in the 1950s and 60s, a man called Nestori Reponen had his sauna where the cabin’s sauna now stands.

Once while heating the sauna, Nestori played his accordion on the steps and a ringed seal propped itself up on a nearby rock to listen. A song was made of the occurrence, which is famous and well-loved in Finland.

Taru's Cabin

Taru’s cabin is a idyllic cabin located on the sheltered bay.

Traditional cabin has a running water from the cabin’s own well. Solar panels generate necessary power for lightning and e.g. charging a phone.  Taru’s cabin is available from May to October.






The Vilja-aitta (granary) building is an actual granary from the 19th century. In the 2000s, it was renovated for accommodation. The outbuilding is located in the courtyard of the main building. There is a wide sofa-bed and three mattresses on the loft. The Vilja-aitta is equipped with a fridge, a coffee machine and a microwave oven. Toilet and and showers can be found from the mainbuilding.

Mari & Ville

Mari and Ville are the two twin rooms in the long log granary. They are separated by a storage room. Both of the rooms have beds for two persons. The rooms are equipped with a small fridge, a coffee machine and a microwave oven. Toilet and showers can be found from the mainbuilding. 



Ylähuone (“the Upper room”) is located on the upper floor of the mainbuilding. The room has two beds, a kitchenette and a private toilet and shower. A idyllic countryside scenary opens from the window.


Orsi (“the Rafter”) is located on the upper floor of the mainbuilding. There are beds for four persons. The room is equipped with a fridge, a microwave oven and a coffee machine. The toilet and showers can be found from the mainbuilding.




Common areas and camping

Common areas

Nestorinrannan päärakennuksessa palvelee kesäisin kahvila Nestori, vastaanotto, välinevuokraamo, itsepalvelupesula, sosiaalitilat ja 2 ympärivuotista majoitushuonetta. Vapusta syksyyn voi majoittua myös pihapiirin 3 aittaan.

Heinäkuussa rannan huvimajassa toimii Nestorin lettukioski. Tarjoamme yhteiskäyttötilojen palvelut päärakennuksella majoittuville maksutta, ellei toisin mainita.

Camping & parking

Nestorinranta offers tent spaces and parking for cars, caravans and boats. All the necessary amenities yu can find from the common areas in the main building and in the marina.