Mari & Ville

Mari and Ville are the two twin rooms in the long log granary. They are separated by a storage room. Both of the rooms have beds for two persons. The rooms are equipped with a small fridge, a coffee machine and a microwave oven. Toilets, showers, summer-kitchen, BBQ and sauna can be found in the same courtyard. The beach is 900 m down a gentle hill.

In the old days, the mother of Nestorinranta’s host, Mari, slept in the room Mari during the summer heat, and father Ville, in the room Ville. At that time, the rooms did not have windows, so they stayed cool even in the heat.

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  • from 1 may to mid-October
  • in the main courtyard
  • 12 m2/room
  • 2 beds/room
  • toilet and shower in the main building
  • windows facing southeast and northwest
  • terrace


  • refrigerator
  • microwave oven
  • coffee maker