The water taxi will quickly take you wherever you want to go. Just remember to book in advance. The boats available are a Faster open boat for 4 passengers and the covered Vilmari boat for 5 passengers. The driver is qualified to operate rental boats.


1. hours of driving  € subsequent of driving t á, € waiting charge per hour á €
Faster, open boat, max 4 passengers 80 70 35
Finnmaster, ”Vilmari”, cabin boat, max 5 passengers 90 80 35
Cyclists Lintusalo – Hurissalo, 2 cyclists* 64
Cyclists Lintusalo – Hurissalo, 3 cyclists* 79
Cyclists Lintusalo – Hurissalo, 4 cyclists* 92

The time for which the boat taxi charges is calculated from the boat leaving its home port to its return there.

*The trip takes 20 minutes from Lintusalo to Hurissalo or vice versa. For those people accommodating in Nestorinranta we’ll give a discount of 15 %.

Orders: info@nestorinranta.fi or tel. +358 44 77 00 515.