Fishing trips in Puumala, Lake Saimaa

Puumala and Lake Saimaa is a fisherman’s paradise in Finland! Experience unforgettable fishing trips from Nestorinranta to the best fishing spots. You can go fishing with a professional guide or on your own by renting a fishing boat. The services offered by Nestorinranta combine peaceful natural surroundings with exciting fishing experiences. Our selection includes fishing trips in both summer (spinning and trolling) and winter (ice fishing, winter nets).

Our accommodation options provide a complete package for fishing enthusiasts. You can choose to stay in a modern cottage, a cozy room, or a nature-close granary. Additionally, you can rent fishing equipment from us, such as spinning rods, hooks, and ice drills, so you can arrive easily without your own fishing gear. Also, explore our restaurant services that will crown your fishing trip. We offer breakfasts and dinners in the Barn Hall, pancakes in the summer at the beach Pancake Bar, and kota dinners that can be booked all year round. A kota dinner in Nestorinranta’s cozy kota by the shore of Saimaa is a unique way to enjoy local delicacies surrounded by nature.

Nestorinranta is a place that offers diverse experiences for all lovers of nature and fishing. Come enjoy the beauty of Saimaa, relax in the lap of nature, and experience the joys of fishing with Nestorinranta’s professional guides. Book your experience now and have an unforgettable holiday in Saimaa!

Fishing permits and equipments:

  • Fishing Permits:
    • No permit required for angling and ice fishing.
    • For casting, trolling, and net fishing, individuals aged 18 to 69 need a state fishing permit (fishing management fee).
    • For trolling with more than one rod and net fishing, a local fishing permit is also required.
    • You can purchase the state permit from online store and the local permit from Nestorinranta. Alternatively, you can request Nestorinranta to purchase the state permit for you for a small commission.
  • Boat and fishing equipment. You can bring your own or rent them from Nestorinranta.
  • All of our cottages have piers for boats, fish cleaning tables, and composters for fish waste.
  • If you want a guided fishing trip, you can book it from this page.
  • Follow fishing etiquette. Ethical guidelines for fishing in Lake Saimaa


Pike perch fishing Finland

Summer Season: From May to October

Book an orientation trip

Before heading out for fishing, it can be beneficial to familiarize yourself with the nearby fishing spots and dangerous rocks with an experienced fisher.

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Spinning tours Finland
Book a spinning trip

If you’re looking for a high-quality guided fishing trip on Saimaa, we recommend checking out the services of Mika Kärkkäinen (Saimaan Fishing Travels)

Book a trolling trip

Nestor’s trolling trip is sure to be a memorable experience on Lake Saimaa.

There’s room for 4 passengers, and the trip lasts for 4 hours. Guiding you are 2 experienced fishers.

Winter Season: From January to March

Pike-perch fishing: trip to winter nets
Nestori Ice Fishing event coming in 2025

Rent a fishing boat and equipment

From Nestorinranta, located in the Puumala archipelago, you can rent a motorboat or just a small outboard motor. When you click on the image, a calendar will also appear, allowing you to book and pay for the boat immediately.