Rent a kota hut

Atmospheric kota hut for larger groups

The Nestorinranta kota hut was built on-site from planed logs of dead-standing pine. The kota hut is on the shore behind the sauna, and it can accommodate up to 18 people.

The kota does not have heating for the winter, but thanks to the well-insulated walls and ceiling, it can be heated to 15 degrees above the outdoor temperature by burning logs. In the winter, the water must be drained out.

availability all year round

Persons max. 18

Location Nestorinranta, Lintusalontie 1661 B, ranta, Lintusalo, Puumala


Log barbecue with two grilles and fish roasters, coffee pot with hook and stand; sausage sticks, pancake pan, smaller cast-iron pan, 4 small cast-iron pans, 2 campfire stew pots, a campfire saucepan, spatulas, a refrigerator with a large freezer compartment, a stove, a kitchen sink, potable well water (except in the winter), a microwave oven, a filter coffee maker (except in the winter), a kettle (except in the winter), cutlery, ladles, knives, mugs, plates, trays with legs, seats for 18

Extra services


Nestori’s bubbly sauna experience

Additional information, 040 168 4473 tai 040 510 5208