The yard around the main building at Nestorinranta contains a henhouse and a quail coop. You can watch what the birds get up to, but avoid sudden movements, because quails are easily scared.

In the summer, sheep graze the fields around Nestorinranta. Once a week, you can watch them being fed (see our weekly programme).

Nestorinranta is home to three dogs: Luka and Vallu are Australian terriers, and Numa is a Spanish water dog. The Aussies love every guest. Numa is also friendly, although she may bark at first. Do not be scared. If you are afraid of dogs, please let us know in advance.

Domestic animals nearby

You will see cows by the roadside as you enter the village of Lintusalo. They are Eastern Finncattle, a rare breed of small Finnish cattle.

Wild animals in Lintusalo

In Lintusalo and the nearby waters, you will see the following animals, or at least signs that they have been close by.

The grass snake, which is not venomous, has a distinctive coloured collar.

The call of the Arctic loon is one of the most wonderful sounds in nature.

Swans near in the nearby waters.

You are almost certain to spot Canada geese and their nests from the early summer onwards.

The best time to see Saimaa ringed seals is from late April to early June – at these times, they leap onto the ice or rocks and shed their fur.

There are also elk, white-tailed deer, hares, foxes, badgers, raccoons, small rodents, and many different birds, such as cranes, red-throated loons, red-necked grebes, golden orioles, and owls. If you are lucky, you see the tracks of a lynx, wolf, wolverine, or bear, but these animals were just passing through.