Nestorinranta came into being in 2010. The year before, Riitta and Matti Viialainen had fulfilled their long-term dream and moved to Matti’s homestead from Helsinki. Matti had found a job in Mikkeli, and Riitta was a journalist who was able to work freelance.

When Riitta’s job alternation leave ended, she attended a meeting of the village association. It was there that she heard tourism entrepreneurs lamenting the lack of short-term accommodation in the archipelago. Matti and Riitta had just renovated the huts for their children, who were now adults, and extended the old main building.

As the children did not have summer holidays, Riitta began providing bed-and-breakfast accommodation in the summer. They also had a couple of boats sitting idle because Matti did not have time to use them, so Riitta began renting them out. And because Nestori had sung to the ringed seal on the shore of the farm, the company was named Nestorinranta (Nestori’s shore), and Riitta began organising Nestori tours, describing the origins of the song, Nestori and the ringed seal.

There was so much demand for the services that Nestorinranta began making major investments in 2012. The work was completed (or so they thought) in March 2020. The last thing to be completed was the long-awaited sauna, hot tub, and 20-seater kota grill house.

However, that very same year, it became apparent that the investment would not end there. They still needed to build a new pancake bar, as the pancake kiosk had become too cramped for its purpose. The pancake bar was completed in spring 2021. At the same time, the beach was made more convenient for campers, boaters and cyclists.

And we have not stopped investing. A new rental facility will be completed in time for summer 2022, along with a sandy beach for children and a 20 m2 glamping tent. A small caravan area will be built near the main building. The next investments have already been planned, but there will be no more construction. In autumn 2022, we will take on our first year-round employee.