Hire a boat or come on a guided fishing or boating trip

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Boat renting involves a security sum and rental contract. Also the boat rental fees must be paid in advance. The security is paid back when the boat is returned unscathed.

Boat rental terms and conditions (pdf)

Boat rentals

Our boats:

  • The canopied Finnmaster boat “Vilmari” (145 hp, max 6 people) is only rented out to experienced and careful boaters who can navigate and have driven a similar boat before. In the rocky waters of Saimaa, you cannot deviate from the marked routes unless coming ashore. The boat consumes about 16 litres of petrol an hour at 25-knot travel speed.
  • The Faster 460 cruiser (50 hp, max 5 people) is primarily used for transporting cyclists, but at other times it is available for rent. This boat, too, is only rented out to drivers who are familiar with navigation, take special care and have prior experience in driving a similar boat. The boat consumes about 10 litres of petrol an hour.
  • The Kaisla Erä, large Päijän rowboats (+ 4–5 hp outboard engine, max 4 people) and Kalakaveri 470 (+ 10 hp, max 4 people ) are perfect for independent fishing and trips in the nearby waters.
  • Both rowing boats are also available for rent without an outboard engine.
  • We only rent our canoes for short day trips. For longer trips, we recommend other rental companies in the archipelago: (see the Veskansan kylät website).

Go fishing on Lake Saimaa

  • We rent fishing equipment, and provide advice and assistance.
  • We can arrange for all the necessary fishing permits.
  • More information on the terms of the fishing permits is available in English on the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry website. There, you can purchase your permits with a credit card

Spinning trips on Lake Saimaa

Cottage + fishing

  • 4–6 hour trips
  • 1–3 people
  • Aluminium boat Faster 460, Honda 50 hp
  • The most common fish are pike, bass and ide
  • The guide speaks English, and the other also speaks German and Swedish
  • cottage (Nestori’s cabin or Villa Hauki)
  • a 2 hour’s introduction trip to fishing on the Lake Saimaa
  • a motor boat (4-5 hp)
  • fishing equipment and licenses for two
  • price from € 650/cottage/week + € 410/2 persons/week
  • deposit sum for the boat 150 €
  • ask more and book!

The spinning trips include

  • fishing equipment
  • life jackets
  • fishing permits
  • driver/guide
  • snacks
  • pick-up from the cabin for an extra fee: on Faster €1.90/km and on Vilmari €2.20/km

Must be booked well in advance, 25% of the booking fee up front and the rest four weeks before the trip; if the reservation is made later, the entire sum must be paid immediately.

See terms of reservation and cancellation (pdf)

Fishing in winter:

Go ice fishing or check the nets with a guide

In winter, nets are normally kept in the lake from January to April, as long as the ice is strong enough. The guide will explain the technique of pulling the nets under the ice, and you can witness the process, if you happen along on the first trip. If fish are caught, you can purchase them from the guide at a fair price.

Fisherman Teijo Keijonen will serve as the guide. Departures are from the Nestorinranta marina on foot, skis or kicksled. Dress appropriately for the weather.

Small Boat Cruises and Island Trips

  • A 30-minute cruise on the nearby waters of Lake Saimaa (max. 5 adults) gives you a good view of Finnish Lakeland in a short time for an affordable price.
  • A hour’s trip to the Rokansaari trenches. An introduction to the wartime history of the island.
  • The 90-minute Tour de Lintusalo (max. 5 adults) gives you a chance to see both the vast waters and the narrow and exciting sounds of Lake Saimaa.
  • The 120-minute Liittokivi Cruise (max. 5 adults) gives you a chance to visit the legendary Liittokivi islet and to see the vast waters of Lake Saimaa. Going ashore on Liittokivi islet is possible if the weather permits.
  • The Rokansaari Island Trip (max. 5 adults) lasts from 3 to 4 hours. Ever so lovely Rokansaari island offers you amazing sand beaches, ridges, ponds, and a guest harbor with good facilities, not to mention Mallu’s Cafe! It’s always exciting to see whether it is open! The charges include a snack and refreshments.
  • A Trip to Ruuho Islands (max. 5 adults) lasts from 3 to 4 hours. Ruuho Islands consist of several sandy and ridged islands featuring sand beaches, lagoons as well as a popular guest harbor with its facilities. The charges include a snack and refreshments.

Tips for independent boat trips

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